The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction & Breakdown

The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction & Breakdown

In this emergency episode of the Force Material podcast, we're breaking down the enigma that is the Last Jedi trailer!

Join us as we attempt to answer all the questions the trailer raises, including but not limited to:

Is Rian Johnson the master of misdirection, or is the real misdirection that there is no misdirection?

Should Luke train Rey?

Is Kylo Ren a great pilot or not, and what would be truer to his character?

Will Kylo kill another one of his parents?

Why doesn't Kylo wear his mask anymore?

Can Kylo be redeemed?

Was Darth Vader ever really redeemed?

 Is Poe Dameron the son Leia never had?

Is Leia an underrated Force user?

Are Porgs the most adorable creature in the history of the franchise?

Does the Jedi Order that established itself on Ahch-To bear any resemblance to the Jedi Order that established itself on Coruscant?

Will Phasma finally live up to the hype?

Is Kylo pulling Rey to the dark, is Rey pulling Kylo to the light, or are they teaming up to fight an even bigger bad?

Is Rian Johnson trying to send us a meta-message?

Where are Holdo, Rose and DJ?

And will any of this footage actually end up in the film, anyway?

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